Rock 'N Race 2020

There has been no pause in cancer diagnoses and treatment during the COVID-19 pandemic. And, The Payson Center for Cancer Care didn’t pause either, providing both treatment and support for patients during an especially vulnerable time. However, we weren’t able to have our annual Rock ‘N Race, bringing 4,000+ people onto the lawn of the Statehouse and raising over $300,000 for cancer care. 

Our programs and services of the HOPE Resource Center, which are offered at no cost, receive more than 50 percent of their funding through the annual Rock ‘n Race. Without the funds raised through the Race, support programs, nutritional counseling and the guidance of social workers and nurse navigators are at risk. 

Just like the cancer patients we serve, we are not ready to give up the fight. The 2020 Payson Cancer Center Rock ‘n Race is going virtual. For the month of June, runners and walkers can plan their own “race,” secure sponsors and know they are making a real difference in the services we can offer in 2021. To help us with this fight, founding donors Norm and Melinda Payson have generously offered to match dollar for dollar up to $150,000.00 that is given to support the virtual event. 

Our community support is building, with over 100 teams formed and close to 1,000 participants. We need your support to be able to provide the same level of programs and services to our friends, family and neighbors battling cancer.

The Payson Cancer Center was made possible because community members came together to give $10.5 million in 2003. It is our community’s cancer center. It is sustained by community members as well. Won’t you please join in? 

Susan Chase
Senior Philanthropy Officer
Concord Hospital Trust
(603) 227-7000 Ext. 5234