We are a group of runners of all ages and abilities who meet every Tuesday at 5:30 PM at Memorial Field in Concord, New Hampshire from April through October. We are a running club that is open to anyone; whether you are a new runner who is looking for training advice and like-minded friends or whether you are a seasoned athlete. 

You are welcome to try a few weekly workouts first before deciding if you officially want to become a member of the Granite State Running Team (GSRT). Club members benefit from access to professional coaching services and generous discounts to local retailers.


GSRT has an annual membership fee of $45 for individuals, and $65 for families. Your membership will help to offset the club's insurance expense required for using Memorial Field, for coaching services, and to support our annual race: the Boys & Girls Club Granite State 10 Smiler. Team announcements and the weekly workouts are emailed to members. Join us!

Our Coach

Amber Ferreira is a well-known International pro triathlete who is also a personal trainer and physical therapist at Concord Hospital. She studied and competed at Northeastern University and has since earned many top finishes including: U.S. Snowshoe Championship Race top female finisher and Ironman Lake Placid first pro female champion. 

Amber designs a different workout each week that can be customized for an easier or more intense workout depending on your current physical ability and personal goals. 

A Typical Tuesday night practice

5:30-5:45, warm up, dynamic stretches. These are active movements such as lunges and leg swings designed to safely warm-up muscles.

5:45-6:30 track or field workout. These typically involve a mix of speed intervals intentionally arranged.

6:30-6:45 core. These are strength building exercises such as planks and bicycle kicks which can prevent injury and improve posture.